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37 Verified Coupons - 01 Feb 2023

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Tech-heavy Meat Brand with National Accreditations

Touted as India's first “technology-integrated fresh meat brand”, Zappfresh is making waves in India's fabled digital marketplaces. It has accredited its commercial and business processes with various regulators in India such as FSSAI and ISO, and sources its meat and fish direct from suppliers. This allows the brand to avoid the traditional butchering processes that reduce choice for Indian customers. Such sourcing practices also empower Zappfresh to access absolutely fresh meat and fish, and customize the material delivered to customers, and eliminates any scope for product contamination at any stage of the sourcing and delivery cycles. The use of technology extends to eliciting feedback from customers, thereby enabling the enterprise to refine its business processes.

Product Range at Zappfresh

This online portal includes everything to make your mouth water and wish for a fresh plate of non-veg food immediately. The store presents a wide assortment of non-veg foot items including frozen chicken keema, thigh boneless, chicken curry, chicken breast, boneless mutton, mutton keema, prawn, rohu fish, catla fish, pomfret, tuna fish, prawn jumbo, eggs and much more.

There are ready to cook items as well like marinated chicken tikka, tandoori chicken tikka, malai murg tikka, kalonji wings marinade etc.

The specialty meat from Zappfresh is free of any antibiotics, steroids, and growth hormones making them safe for human consumption. The weight of the meat is also weighed after they are cut and when all the wastage has been removed.

The exciting combos from the store can match the desire of your palate by offering you the right combination of non-veg food items.

Raw Meats – Variety Unlimited

Reasonably priced thick fillets of premium fish, processed meats, pork, cold cut ham, sausages, salami slices, steaks, seek kebabs, seafood – Zappfresh will deliver these products neatly wrapped in sanitized packages for ultimate consumer convenience. You can use Zappfresh Coupons to reduce the final price of your package, avail discounts on bulk purchases, and be absolutely sure about the quality of merchandise delivered to your doorstep. The company keeps refreshing its stock and offers that drives a degree of adventure every time you log into the Zappfresh mobile app. The ready-to-cook products delivered are of the highest norms of hygiene, ethical sourcing practices, international quality benchmarks, consumer preferences for taste and texture of products, etc. In addition, Zappfresh Coupons are a godsend for regular buyers; these nifty digital services add to the taste of meat and fish delivered by Zappfresh.

Ready to Cook, Ready to Eat

Millennials, young citizens, working professionals, and young families represent the prime customer base for quality meat and fish products. Zappfresh has leveraged this information to create ready to cook and ready to eat food packages delivered to customer doorsteps. This ensures quality nutrition and tasty food at consumers' tables, takes the guesswork out of sourcing quality meat and fish, and encourages young citizens to plan the definitive house party with gusto! Such digital services also offer secured and regular sourcing of quality raw meats and fish products for food joints and quick service restaurants. The veracity of meat and fish remains a critical value proposition for Zappfresh. Happy consumers are more than willing to place repeat orders on the Zappfresh app, thereby driving growth in the user base of this New Age service.

Quality Check and Assurance at Zappfresh

In order to carve a unique niche for itself in Indian markets, Zappfresh sources raw meats and fish products from verified local farms, livestock growers, meat and fish stockists, and villages in North India. This allows the operator to vouch for the quality of products. The firm also processes the raw materials in state-of-the-art plant and machinery with minimal human touch. It also customizes the meat products and fish products to customer choice before packaging these for delivery at customer doorsteps. Meanwhile, Zappfresh Offers create special enthusiasm for regular customers and first-time buyers. They allow customers to buy in bulk, mix-and-match their orders, and avail large selections of choice product at discount prices. In addition, online buying of quality products from this store creates a viable alternative to visiting local markets, thereby creating a competing ecosystem enabled by digital technology and sheer consumer convenience.

Best Packaging for Freshness

Zappfresh depends on quality packaging materials to delight customers and preserve the quality of raw meats, processed products, fish, and seafood. The firm employs double-layered packaging material to ensure zero contamination during transit, maintain product temperature at desired levels, and ensure the customer receives first-class raw foods at their doorstep. Packaging materials also increase the shelf life of the product, a fact Zappfresh founders are acutely aware of; therefore, virgin tin foils and high quality plastic packaging remain standard practices at Zappfresh, as does the concept of Zappfresh new user offers. These commercial devices allow first-time buyers to sample the product and assess the quality of experience delivered by the portal. The flat 25% discount as Zappfresh new user offer for the first-time buyers, encourages an unhindered expansion of the user community. Many times this discount extends up to 40% discounts on the final bills during the festive seasons, thus encouraging meat lovers and fans of seafood to try the Zappfresh app.

Absolutely No Chemicals

Zappfresh founders work hard to ensure raw meats, fish products, seafood, cold cuts, processed meats, etc. remain entirely free from chemicals, preservatives, seasoning agents, antibiotics, and growth hormones. This corporate stance allows Zappfresh to guarantee the delivery of contamination-free products at customers' doorsteps. Such a stance also ensures customers can cook the delivered product for all members of the home, without any concerns about food quality. Zappfresh encourages farmers and animal growers to use natural feeds for their livestock, mandates farmers to feed fresh grass to goats being raised in natural pastures, thus ensuring zero entry of chemicals into raw meats and fish. Investors in Zappfresh much appreciate this stance because it sets quality standards for the meat and fish growing industry, preserves the health of customers, and promotes clean eating experiences among all users.

Omni-channel Model

Zappfresh works with a number of slaughterhouses, animal farms, livestock farmers, fish suppliers, etc. to deliver the freshest animal protein in the fastest ways possible. This company brings to life a unique value proposition wherein customers are guaranteed clean raw non-vegetarian products packaged in hygienic materials. A dedicated workforce ensures doorstep delivery on time, thus completing the unique Zappfresh experience. Enthusiastic market response in recent years indicates customers trust the Zappfresh brand, and has encouraged the founders to plan business expansion in the future. Investors have also warmed up to the unique business model, thus ensuring a steady flow of funds into Zappfresh coffers. In addition, the Omni-channel model helps de-risk the enterprise, promotes ethical sourcing of meats and fish, and boosts consumer confidence in Zappfresh.

Driving the Non-veg Food Scene

Chicken keema, mutton chops, prawns, chicken sausages, chicken cheese nuggets, chicken tikka, boneless chicken, and mutton liver. The product list is virtually endless for customers of Zappfresh. India's digital generation, armed with smartphones and connected tablets, has enthusiastically taken to Zappfresh, because the service brings fresh new meaning to home delivery systems. Organizers of house parties can breathe easy and let Zappfresh do the heavy lifting in terms of meat and fish delivery. This service also takes the guesswork out of dubious meats and stale fish sometimes found in traditional markets. In addition, Zappfresh packaging guarantees high levels of quality assurance, so the consumer can enjoy a fresh lunch with family and friends.

New Product Development

Zappfresh has recently introduced chicken momos prepared from premium-quality minced chicken, prawns fried in a variety of oriental flavours, and other interesting goodies for its customers. Users can share their special recipes via social media, and Zappfresh applauds these interactions inside its user communities. In addition, Zappfresh offers its buyers high-quality marinade mixes that add spice and zing to the concept of cooking at home. These initiatives spotlight the power of modern entrepreneurship, empower the firm to expand its brand presence in India, interact with customers and buyers at different levels, and integrate itself deeper into modern Indian kitchens.

Magic of Zappfresh Promo Codes

Quality of service and freshness of products remain the hallmark of operations at Zappfresh, which delivers more than 2000 orders per day. The company founders have devised innovative schemes for the first-time buyers; this technique allows them to attract more buyers and expand the customer base across multiple locations. The digital operations of the firm ensure clear transmission of orders, an absolute lack of ambiguity in customer orders, and time-based doorstep delivery of raw food products. In addition, Zappfresh Promo Codes represent the flavour of the season during holidays and long weekends; users can variously apply such codes inside the app to avail special discounts, reduce the cost of their chosen products, and revel in the sheer happiness of a deal well done. These strategically designed promotional activities serve to promote intelligent buying behaviour among customers, entice them to place repeat orders, explore the various offerings on the Zappfresh app, and encourage them to share their experiences online with family, friends, and community.

Zappfresh Coupon Codes at FabPromocodes– By the Dozen

Zappfresh encourages its buyers to use Zappfresh offers during the placement of orders via mobile app. This promotional tactic enables the enterprise to boost the number of repeat customers, preserve its competitive edge in digital markets, and earn a solid brand reputation among all stakeholders. These Coupons promise a surprise every time buyers log into the app and can deliver hefty discounts to the final bill. Additionally, Zappfresh Coupon Code is dispersed through various websites to ensure maximum traction among buyers and consumers. These digital codes also act as a marketing device that promotes the brand in cyberspace. Intelligent customers can combine coupon codes and use these to reduce their bills and add to the experience of shopping at Zappfresh. Daily and weekly changes in coupons also injects an element of excitement that can attract new users and fuel word of mouth publicity for this online store.

How to use Zappfresh promo codes?

At FabPromocode, you do not need to take the pain of finding these offers across various websites as we list them all together on this page so that you don’t miss even a little of them. Just scroll down the page to find the new user offer, coupons for regular buyers, festive offers, weekends discounts and more right here. Click on any of these coupons and land on the store page to place your order. Enter the code at the time of checkout and get the respective discount. We keep on updating this page with the latest Zappfresh promo code to include all their offers and present to your customers without a miss.

Enjoy fresh meat every time you wish with these exciting Zappfresh offers and keep safe at your home.