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“Set yourself on the path of moving from being coffee addict to a tea lover”

Tea box is one of India’s leading online tea shop which delivers freshest teas from various part of India such as Assam (tea capital of India), Darjeeling &Nilgiri added with high-quality teas from Nepal.  As tea being ‘national drink of India’, as stated by tea lovers across the India, Tea box is making hard efforts to bring the people together, define the culture and enhance every morning of your with the cup of delicious yet healthy and refreshing tea.Order your tea box product today using tea box coupon for more discount.  This tea box review describes the services and products offers by the one of the largest online tea selling company.

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Tea box Services and products

Tea box, instead of just selling tea, offers various other tea wares and tea-oriented gift packs. But what makes the tea box number one is the different types of tea of different flavors picked from the different region of India and Nepal.

Tea box offers various types of teas and tea packs. Teas including Black tea, white tea, green tea, Chai tea, Tisane, and oolong tea are amongst the most appreciated teas in India. Moreover, tea box sales three types of tea packs which are basically the blend of different types of teas.

The tea pack called single estate pack which delivers particular single–origin teas from the different part of India includes Silver Needle White Tea, Organic Darjeeling black tea, Nilgiri black tea, Organic Assam green tea, and many others. The tea box green tea from any of these regions is considered to be one of the healthiest and delicious tea.

The flavored blend pack is one of 3 the most demanding tea pack as it has particular tea blended with various flavors and aromas of Ginger, Cinnamon, Fennel, Jasmine, Cardamom and rose which also make it one of the healthiest tea pack. Darjeeling Oolong tea, orange spice black tea (Black tea spiced with cinnamon, cardamom and cloves, and balanced by orange peel), Punjabi masala chai (a strong blend of black tea and spices), lemon ginger green tea, Exotic Assam oolong tea, spice ginger green tea. Hibiscus lemon grass Tisane (tisane made from hibiscus, lemongrass, and licorice) and many other robust and warming teas are part of this pack.

The third one is called Sample pack. As the name state, it offers various samples of flavored and non-flavored teas. Classic tea max, single origin tea max, signature tea mix and many other are the part of this pack. If you will opt for the monthly subscription you may get lucky to avail tea box discounts. You can also use tea box coupon code India from the Fabpromocodes.

Cancellation and refund

Tea box delivers all the products at your doorstep within 5-7 working days depends on your location in India. They also deliver tea overseas which can take up to 15-25 days. The cancellation and refunds depend on the location of delivery. You can calculate the delivery as well as cancellation charges on their website’s built-in calculator, that varies country wise.

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