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2 Verified Coupons - 29 May 2022

  • They say that the interiors of a house are a natural reflection of the people who live in it. This… https://t.co/UsGkK08WTP
    May 28,2022 23:05
  • Today, after so many years and so many additions to our product range under various categories, our new… https://t.co/0yxBlH5xOi
    May 28,2022 23:05
  • When we started making the iconic #GodrejStorwel Cupboard, it meant a lot more than just a steel almirah. For its u… https://t.co/k3NUd43TLI
    May 28,2022 23:05
  • RT @PirojshaGodrejF: Today, as we celebrate the birthday of Pirojsha Godrej we cannot help but remember the efforts that he made to secure…
    May 27,2022 19:05
  • #GodrejAndBoyce aims to double its revenue in the next 5 years. Our Chairman and MD - Mr. Jamshyd Godrej thinks tha… https://t.co/yeFh2Nshgk
    May 26,2022 18:05
  • To know more about NGCPR, visit: https://t.co/hYCdkqQGAv #GodrejAndBoyce | #InternationalDayforBiologicalDiversity… https://t.co/QtzbtEltn3
    May 22,2022 10:05
  • On the #InternationalDayForBiologicalDiversity, we reaffirm our commitment to protect the Western Ghat biosphere th… https://t.co/lmBIxvOHH9
    May 22,2022 10:05
  • It’s a simple example of how all species in our ecosystem, including humans, function as a whole. #GodrejAndBoyce… https://t.co/U3ZKZSEfMR
    May 22,2022 10:05
  • Many of us have grown up with house sparrows around us. But how many of us wake up to their chirping today? The dwi… https://t.co/C8gvkT2sEG
    May 22,2022 10:05
  • It’s a simple example of how all species in our ecosystem, including humans, function as a whole.
    May 22,2022 10:05


Godrej Washing Machines Starting @ Rs 15700/-


Get Godrej Refrigerators Starting @ Rs.21000 only

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Over 14,000 dedicated people and an annual turnover of INR 11,500 crore (FY 2019-20), G&B's varied footprint spans ten sectors, from custom engineering solutions to consumer items including appliances, furniture, and locks and security systems. One-third of India's population benefits from G&B's work. The company's goods have also acquired a significant worldwide impact across five continents thanks to overseas subsidiaries and joint partnerships.

It is through significant investments in high-end technical expertise and production scale that G&B's B2B companies have been established. Additionally, it is a leading provider of sophisticated designed solutions for renewable energy and other essential industrial infrastructure throughout the world, including multiple satellite launches and key partnerships with India's space programmes. India's national borders, cities, bank vaults, institutions, and houses have all been protected by G&B's security systems.

For more than 123 years, G&B's companies have relied on a deep knowledge of their customers to drive ongoing innovation and the creation of goods and solutions with a clear purpose. In G&B's quality-driven and technology-driven facilities, these products are made and supplied throughout the country and the world.

With a commitment to quality, reliability, and value, the firm works with millions of customers and organisations across the globe to provide high-quality home appliances as well as storage and security solutions. Everywhere in India, the organisation is helping consumers achieve their dreams and ensuring they have a secure and satisfying life.

To meet the needs of customers and the community, G&B has developed a caring corporate culture that empowers people, teams, and communities. G&B is a values-driven corporation. G&B has been routinely recognised as one of India's most esteemed corporations as a result of this recognition. G&B's environmental stewardship is shown through its Good & Green projects, which highlight the company's commitment to sustainability.

Since its inception, G&B has maintained a strong connection to its founders, Ardeshir and Pirojsha Godrej. In the late nineteenth century, Ardeshir decided against pursuing a legal profession and instead embarked on an entrepreneurial adventure, spurred on by his creativity and concern for the needs of others. Together, Pirojsha's financial sense and Ardeshir's inventiveness made for a potent combination. Their inventions included the first springless lock, the first indigenously produced fire and burglar-resistant safe, and a technology for making soap from vegetable oil, all of which were groundbreaking in their own right. A total of 209 patents have been submitted by G&B, and 77 of these patents have been issued.

Naval Godrej, Pirojsha's son, established the township of Pirojshanagar in Vikhroli, Mumbai, based on these beliefs. Currently, more than 10,000 families live and work at G&B, making it the company's worldwide headquarters and most important operations.

We are investing in digital technology and processes, developing new skills among our staff, and interacting with consumers on social and online platforms to take advantage of new possibilities in a digital-first, Industry 4.0 environment.