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Delight yourself with home cooked meals from FreshMenu - While dining in and take away are the most popular fooding cultures, home delivery services are also making their way to provide unique fooding experience to the customers at the comfort of their own home. One such evolving service is Fresh Menu. The company founded by Rashmi Daga, majorly serves in Bangalore and some cities in Mumbai and Gurgaon. However, after running successfully for about a year, Freshmenu is looking forward to extend its services to more cities in Delhi and Gurgaon. Ever since its birth in the year 2015, FreshMenu has been delivering happiness to the people at their doorsteps wrapped up in the delicious home cooked five star recipes. They are striving to deliver the food stuffs including cuisines handpicked from all around the globe at reasonable prices, yet maintaining high standard of quality. Besides the fair pricing, you can enjoy cheaper meals using Freshmenu coupons. Not just you have to wait for any FreshMenu Offers for cut down at rates, you can have the most affordable meal right at your doorstep as there are surprising deals every time you place an order.

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Freshmenu New User Coupons Coupon Code
Flat Rs 50 Off On Rs 250 & Above CKNEW50
Rs 75 Off on Rs 300 CKNEW75
Cashback Offers On Meals, Desserts & More
FLAT 20% Off On Rs 400 CKGET20

Magical Menu at FreshMenu

To protect the fresh food lovers from the dull daily home food, Fresh menu has already succeeded in the mission of conveying new delicious suppers at their doorstep. FreshMenu not just gives distinctive menu consistently but it additionally serves diverse cuisines from many different countries, falling under the categories of sides or salads, main course, desserts, etc. Whether you are a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian or you have hearts for eggs, you can discover Chinese, English, Continental, Indian, Italian, Portuguese and all the more such cooking styles on their menu. They have one of the best spreads in food; you can experiment with their creamy burgers, exotic pastas, platter decorated with English breakfast, steaks with rice, baked stuffs and deserts, fresh servings in salads and much more as the sky is the limit for them. People with a sweet tooth can satisfy their craving with changing desserts every day. Furthermore, you will get this and more at the most temperate rates conceivable with the FreshMenu discount offers. In a way to avail these discount offers, grab your FreshMenu discount coupons and enjoy the wonderful taste at most reduced value.

Key attractions of Fresh Menu:

If you find it a head scratching task as to what should you prepare at any times of the day, then check out Fresh Menu, for the food ordering service as it will take care of this issue and will give you the divine experience days after days. Their top notch service can be perceived by the growing number of kitchens which indicates that there is a heavy stream of demand coming in from the customers as they have never disappointed any one due to their strictness of sticking by their plan to give best quality food to its customers each and every time. It offers quick delivery, crisp fresh ingredients and culinary expert cooked meals, whether you order right in the morning for breakfast, or in a middle of the day for lunch or after a hectic day during night. The major excitement comes from their extraordinary service of day by day changing menu. You can order through their website or their mobile application available for Android and Apple users, whatever may please you. It takes just 45 minutes from the ordering time for an order to get delivered, other than that, the packaging is very travel friendly and it comes in just the sufficient quantities. For those who have got bored out of eating the daily meals at home can spice up their lives with such delicacies, home cooked yet scrumptious. You may even enjoy these five star recipes at an unimaginable cost with the FreshMenu promo codes.

Payments and Cancellations

After you have sorted what you want to eat in next 45 minutes, you have to proceed for the payment. But before paying, you can use if you have any of the FreshMenu promo codes. Now you have a final figure you need to pay after the discounts. You can either pay online through net banking, debit card or credit card. You may even chose to pay through e-wallets like Freecharge, Mobikwik, Paytm, Payu etc. There is also an option of paying later through cash after delivery. The cancellation of any request made by you should be in the next 10 minutes of placing the order. Any request made after this time will not be considered and you will have to pay the entire amount of the order. If in case, for a justified reason, you are not satisfied with the meal they have delivered then they might consider for a refund.

If there should be an occurrence of any grievance due to any issue arising out of the use of the Website or App, you can contact their Grievance Officer within a day and the issue will be addressed in next two days.

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So what are you waiting for? Don’t you think it is just the right time to pamper your taste buds with the FreshMenu delectable? Place order and steal a meal now!