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3 Verified Coupons - 30 Mar 2023

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EasyDay Club Membership Offers 10% Off On Every Purchase + Free Home Delivery


Special Offer: Get Rs 100 Cashback On Bill Of Rs 599 Or More

10% OFF

EasyDay Offers Flat 10% Discount On All Your Favorite Brands (Members Only)

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With the New Retail experience, you'll be able to purchase anywhere, anytime, from any device since we've integrated your real world with an unparalleled digital one. In 168 cities and towns around the nation, Easyday has more than 1000 supermarkets that are well-positioned to effectively reach clients like you. Easyday Club, an exclusive membership club, provides its members with the best-in-class items, a pleasant shopping experience, and unrivalled discounts from the world's most popular companies.


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Shopping for groceries has never been easier thanks to Easyday Club.

Online grocery shopping in India has grown to be associated with Easyday Club. Everything from fresh fruits and vegetables to cereals and spices, to food grains and oil, may be found at one convenient location. Using its app is the best way to have a hassle-free online shopping experience.

Become an Easyday member for a fraction of the normal cost.

As a member of Easyday, you get a number of advantages. The annual fee is Rs. 999 for members. Every time you purchase, you'll earn a 10% discount if you join the club. Within 12 months or up to 50,000 dollars in purchases, whichever comes first, the membership will be terminated. Fabpromocodes offers some incredible discounts on its membership. The Fabpromocodes page is a great place to keep an eye out for the finest membership deals!