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After the success of Jio 4G work, the Reliance Company is now working on the laptops powered by 4G Jio. It already provides us so much freedom with its low-cost 4G Jio SIM. In just 18 months, Jio has done a lot of things with mind-blowing offers. The company released a quality phone, broadband, DTH, and it is now launching an advance Jio laptop. The company is launching a Jio laptop with its partner chipmaker Qualcomm. The company offers built-in facility for cellular connectivity in the laptops. Both companies are also working on launching a new feature phone with 4G connectivity.

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The company reliance is launching 4G advance Jio laptops. The screen size of the laptop is 13.3 inches with having 16:9 aspect ratios. The Jio laptop comes with the SIM of Jio which is already inserted in it. This SIM helps in providing the 4G network connectivity to the user of the laptop. This eliminates the use of wired and dongle for connecting to the internet. The Jim SIM is placed on the left-hand side of the laptop. This advance Jio laptop supports all the apps that are based on Android. It uses the operating system of Chrome or Windows. It is also said that for making the video calls the laptop has a HD camera above it. It is using the latest processor of Intel Pentium Quad core. This laptop is always connected to the network.

Jio Laptop Specifications :

There are many rumors about the specification of the 4G Jio laptops. It is said that it will have a RAM of 4 GB, eMMC of 64 GB and SDD storage on board of 128GB. The body of the laptop is made up of Magnesium alloy. It has a weight of 1.2 kg and a thickness of 12.2mm. There will be no number pad on the laptop and its keyword is very slim. The Specification of the Laptop makes it one of the best laptop. The company is now focusing on the downside of the market. The company sells many phones of Lyf on below Rs 20 thousand. These phones are also selling at a low price of Rs 5 thousand. The 4G jio laptop has such a higher specification that make the minimum costing around Rs 35 thousand. The laptop features and specification seems like the Xiaomi notebook and also Macbook air. The laptop is full of latest, unique and useful features. The customer can easily purchase it for personal use.

Some specifications of the 4G Jio laptop are given below :

  1. The laptop has 1920 x 1080 px HD display with 16:9 as the aspect ratio.
  2. It has a wide screen of 13.3 inches. This makes it highly comfortable to view with high quality.
  3. The laptop has the video calling feature with its HD camera.
  4. It has a RAM of 4 GB and eMMC storage of 64 GB.
  5. The laptop has a quad-core processor of Intel Pentium.
  6. The laptop has SSD storage of 128 GB.
  7. The 4G Jio laptops have a unique and amazing keyboard. It has a very stylish number pad.
  8. It is just 1.2 kg in weight which makes it the lightweight laptop. It is very easy to carry.
  9. The laptop is 12.2 mm in thickness.
  10. It also has flexible slots for the memory card.
  11. The jio SIM is already inbuilt in the laptop.
  12. It supports the 4.0 latest version of Bluetooth, which increase the speed of file transfer.
  13. It comes with a warranty of 1 year.
  14. The laptop has an inbuilt graphic card.

The 4G Jio laptop is a good idea that offers a wireless connectivity to the people in their laptops. The most tempting thing about this laptop is the slot for the SIM. Many users demand this technology in their laptops from the other companies like Apple. In India, the use of the wired connection in the laptop has a very slow speed, and it also creates many other problems like the mobility of the user. The Wi-Fi network is also not so good. A laptop with a 4G SIM is really a good idea. It will solve the problem of poor connectivity problem of many users. It will be useful for almost everyone. It is the company Jio who launched this type of laptop. The most important thing about this company is that it is providing these services completely free. The company is also working on many other new projects like DTH, which may be launched soon. It is also working on the wired service for providing internet, Jio Fibre.

Jio Laptop price, jio laptop prebooking and launch date in India:

The reliance company has a secured business name in the sector of telecom. It has such a huge number of subscribers even on the social networking channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and on others. With telecom business, the company is also moving towards the other businesses. This is because the company is also launching its Jio DTH TV box. Which means the company doesn’t want to be staying limited only with the telecom business. The company is also moving towards the hardware business as it is launching its advance jio laptops and desktop computers. There are many assumptions about the price of 4G Jio laptops. The online 4G jio laptop prebooking is already started in advance from the website. It is also said that the cost of Rs 5000 is fixed for the 4G Jio laptops. The method of payment is set to be cash on Delivery. But I personally suggest all of you that this news seems to be the scam. The price of laptops with these advanced features would be in the range of Rs 40 thousand to Rs 65 thousand. The Jio Company wants to be kind on its journey. It is providing everything at a very low price. It is suspected that the price will be interesting and less. So, that it can be available and affordable to everyone. People are already waiting for this advanced jio laptop. The company doesn’t announce the price of the laptop to be Rs 5000 the actual price will be near about Rs 15 thousand. You can view the images of the Jio laptops on the Jio official website. When the laptop released, it will come with lots of exciting offers and plans. There are many plans for the calling, data offers and many other offers as well. There is no confirm news about the launch date of jio laptops. All the launching date that is circulating is fake. It is rumored that the company is working so hard for launching its jio laptop and it is expected to be released at the end of the 2018 year.

Jio laptop real or fake :

People are highly awaited for the launch of this laptop. The 4G Jio laptop growth chart will definitely boom like 4G Jio SIM. There will also a system for the prebooking of jio laptops online. It can on the basis of First come First serve. The customers can also get the laptops from the jio laptop Amazon and from the jio laptop Flipkart websites and also from the store of Reliance Digital. You can also check the jio laptop wiki for getting true information regarding the laptop. There is also much news comes in which people are getting Jio Laptops at their home. All this news is fake. So, stay away from all of these websites and news.

Jio Laptop Features :

Some of the main features of the 4G Jio laptops are given below:

  1. The laptop comes with a warranty of a year.
  2. It has a hard disk of size 64 GB or 128 GB.
  3. It supports the feature of 4G LTE.
  4. Run on Window 10 operating system.
  5. It Supports graphics
  6. It would be around 1.2 kg in weight.
  7. It comes with a slot for the 4G Jio SIM
  8. It also has connectivity to the Bluetooth
  9. There are 2 ports for the USB 3.0
  10. 1 port for Micro HDMI
  11. A slot for micro SD
  12. The laptop is also equipped with the apps of Jio.

The reliance Jio Company provides built-in cellular connectivity in the Jio laptops. This makes the laptop to supports the connectivity of 4G. Now, the laptop doesn’t depend upon the external Wi-Fi source for using the internet. The Jio laptop supports the latest features of the Window 10. This is due to the use of window 10, and integration of the AI- based Cortana. The Jio laptops remove all the worries about the poor internet connectivity and other network issues. This advanced jio laptop will attract a lot of buyers for its genuine price.

 Jio Laptop & Qualcomm Tieup

 The Jio laptops come with a built-in Qualcomm processor inside. The Qualcomm is a US based company which manufactures the chipset. The company Jio and Qualcomm work together on the manufacturing of the 4G Jio laptops. In the past years, both company team up together and manufacture an Android smartphone with 4G Jio technology. Conclusion: Every year, there are around 5 million laptops sold out in India. For internet connectivity, these laptops are depending on other external sources. The user has to use the external Wi-Fi source or a wired connection. The market doesn’t have any cellular laptop. The reliance company already has an established market, which gives a little advantage to it.  These Jio laptops will increase the revenue of the company. So, these jio laptops help a lot of the company Jio. The Jio laptops are useful for both the customers and the company.