Pokemon Go India - awaits eagerly

Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm. There are a very few apps that have captured the public imagination in such a large extent. It has even crossed Facebook in the daily time spent by an average user and is now the biggest US mobile game ever with over 20 million active users daily! Pokemon was a popular cartoon series which used to air on Cartoon Network and it comes as no surprise that the majority of the app users are of the age group 20-25 since the app probably reminds them about their carefree times in childhood. There have been some technical issues regarding server crashes with it being mainly attributed to the immense popularity of the game. There also have been reports of hacking groups targeting this widely popular game’s servers. Here is what one of them tweeted.

pokeman go tweet

But Niantic Labs, the maker of Pokemon Go, remain unfettered by these attempts and have reiterated that the server problems will be solved swiftly. Such has been the addiction of the game that there were reports of people even falling off a cliff after they climbed over a fence in an attempt to catch a Pokemon. In another incident a man was robbed at gunpoint after robbers were waiting at a spot where a “rare Pokemon” was located. However, fans remain loyal to the game which is credited with making its users more outgoing and fitter since the game requires one to move around in the real world. Pokemon Go launched in Canada on July 17 but here again server issues left a bitter taste with the Pokemon fans. Along with Canada the game was launched in 26 other countries too in which India did not make the cut. This is what Pokemon Go posted on their Facebook page.

pokeman go india The game

has not been released even in Japan which where Pokemon took birth. However, it is expected to debut their within the week. As for India, the official release dates have not been confirmed but it is suspected that the country will have access to the game only after its release in Japan. There have been many sources claiming that the game will make its way to India by July end. For those people who do not want to or cannot wait for the official release here is how to download the world’s newest favourite game on your Android devices in three easy steps.

  1. Download the Pokemon Go ‘.apk file’. A simple Google search for the same will yield numerous results.
  2. Once the download has been completed, go to Settings -> Security -> Allow installation of apps from unknown sources. This box has to be checked since the file wasn’t downloaded from the Google Play Store but from another location on the internet.
  3. Search for your downloaded file and open it. It should be present in the ‘downloads’ section. Open the file. This will automatically initiate the installation process. After the installation is complete, all you need is a GPS and an internet connection to enjoy Pokemon Go. Catch them all!