Looking to Upgrade iOS 10 – Here is all that you should Know!

iOS 10 How to update?

This is going viral round the globe with the announcement of the official release of iOS 10 from Apple. This is a dramatic update of iPhone and iPad bringing major changes to your routine and daily phone usages. iOS 10 has been in development alongside of WatchOS 3 for Apple Watch and now it is finally ready to launch.

iOS 10 compatibility:

iOS 10 works great with iPad3, iPad mini 2, iPhone 5 and with iPod touch 6th gen and even higher. iOS 10 is available on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, unless of course you have an age-old phone or tablet that still uses the 30-pin dock connector or an older iPad mini or iPod touch. However, this mobile operating system will not support iPhone 4S and iPad2. Now it is time to upgrade your iPhone and ipad with the iOS 10, which is an absolute revolution in the Apple world.

What’s’ new with Apple iOS 10?

Amazing! Just pick your iPhone, it will wake up instantly. Your notifications will not vanish when brushing up against Touch ID. Apple has redesigned the lockscreen of iPad and iPhone with the major revision, which is, simply “Press Home to Open”, rather sliding to unlock.

What is adding more?

Besides the ability to raise your iPhone wake it, simply touch the TouchID home button to open the screen, there is also much more to say about iOS 10.

Should you certainly upgrade to iOS 10?

This is an obvious question! Here follows the answer for you!

Who is iOS 10 for?

iOS 10 is designed especially for iPhone5 and the later version and iPad 2 and later versions. It is also designed for iPad mini2, iPad Pro range and even the 6th generation iPod touch and the later versions.

How to Upgrade?

The users of above said versions of iphone and iPad, will receive the upgrade prompts automatically, through which you can upgrade your phone. Else, you can also upgrade manually by going to:

Setting > General > Software Update.

However, remember, the size of iOs update may differ based on your device. The update for iOS 10 would weigh from 25MB to 60MB. With many great advantages to highlight, Apple iOS 10 is the smoothest upgrade ever since. This upgrade can bring you bring you many amazing camera functionality to improve portrait, to add blur to background.  Unlike iOS 9, iOS 10 adds many new features.

To point a few:

It goes a long way with the ‘Rich Notifications’ to catch up with Android’s strongest feature. This will allow direct interaction with the notifications from Lock Screen. There is also additional notification functionality you can find for 3D Touch compatible devices, such as iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 series.

The official Apple apps include:

  1. Calendar (Up Next)
  2. Phone (Favorites)
  3. Maps (Maps destinations, Nearby, Transit)
  4. Music, Notes, Photos (Memories) and Tips

The iMessage will be absolutely a new way to interact is added from the ‘invisible ink’.  iMessage in iOS 10 brings a lot of new functionalities, which includes gift libraries. The Powerful Siri is another highlight of iOS 10, which enables you to operate third-party apps like Open Table, Yelp, WahtsApp and many others. Besides these above said highlights of iOS 10, there is also much more to specify. There is no doubt that this recent upgrade of Apple can increase the usability of your iPhone and iPad.