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Movierulz is a website associated with free online movies around the world. You can watch any movie within days of its release on this site, and have I mentioned that it is absolutely free! Well, you do have to suffer from the frequent ads though. Be it Hollywood, Bollywood, Telugu, Tamil any language, films can be downloaded or watched online with Movierulz. Many weekends, slumber parties, friendly get together have been a grand success because of this site. If you think I am exaggerating then think again. You meet up at a friend’s place after work or exam or college and wonder how to pass your time. Suddenly someone mentions the latest movie that he or she downloaded and from there starts the fun. You eat pizzas, soft drinks, chips, popcorn and a whole lot of jokes and laughter while watching the film on the laptop or by connecting it to a TV. If this is the first time you have heard of this website, or if you are not sure about how to use it, then you are in luck. I will help you use this site for endless movie magic all this summer. All you will need is a working high-speed internet connection, a good laptop or smartphone to watch the movie on, and you are ready for an evening of fun. Well, you might add popcorn and coke to make it more fun. Well jokes apart, I would like to warn all the readers of one critical factor before you can use Movierulz.

Please be warned that this is Piracy.

This site lets you download and watch movies online for free. It is basically promoting PIRACY. We have had many actors from across all countries and film industries condemning piracy as illegal and unethical. By watching a movie this way, we are robbing the industry of hundreds of millions of dollars in the form of ticket sales, movie rights, DVD sales, royalties etc. Piracy is actually an act of crime that is punishable by law to practice piracy. Please be warned before you get into this.

Now that I have warned you, let me start with how to operate this site.

Some basic information on Movierulz

The user interface of Movierulz is very user-friendly and simple. You can view all the main controls and links at the top of the web page in the menu bar. All the options are self-explanatory and easy to understand.

Find your movie on the site:

All the latest releases and popular movies are listed on the homepage, right below the menu bar. If you cannot find your movie in that selection then you can search for it directly using the movie name on the search tab. All the latest releases and popular movies are listed on the homepage, right below the menu bar. If you cannot find your movie in that selection then you can search for it directly using the movie name on the search tab. If you are not sure of the movie to watch, then you can browse through the movies available using the language like Hollywood, Bollywood, Telugu, Tamil etc. When you click on these tabs, you have subcategories based on the year of release too. You can also search movies based on the genre of the movies. If you are in the mood for a brainy suspense movie or a romantic comedy or flat-out action movie, you can get all option here.

How to watch/download a movie on Movierulz:

  1. Once you have found or decided on a movie to watch, you can start off with the fun.
  2. Click on the movie to watch and right below the movie poster, you will find a list of links that are streaming the movie.
  3. You can click on any one link to check for quality and speed.
  4. After opening the link, you can either click the download movie button to download it. Or, just simply watch it while it streams.
  5. Both options work perfectly fine.
  6. If you are having any problem with one link, you can go back and try the next link listed below the poster till you find your fit.
  7. You can then watch it on your laptop directly or connect it to your TV with a USB cable and watch it on a bigger screen.

For those who like to watch it on your smartphone, the site can be accessed using the UC browser. The UC browser is popularly recommended for Movierulz. So, I suggest you download the browser before you log into the site. This concludes my brief run-through on Movierulz for all those who like to watch movies for free. You can watch the latest movies with a good quality picture on this site. More so, there are multiple links for most movies, so if one does not work shift to the other links given. The website is also fairly safe and virus free, but one can never be sure. It is recommended to keep your antivirus updated before you embark on a fun evening of Movies Masti and Magic with Movierulz.

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