Airtel 3G, 4G Data Recharge Plans Covered 29 States

Airtel, in a bid to overcome loses faced due to the free services provided by Reliance Jio, has drastically reduced its 3G/4G prices. Due to the severe competition in market, Airtel has introduced many new data packs. From a varied range of prices to satisfy the occasional customer in need of fast, high speed net for a brief period of time to the high end user who doesn’t compromise on data or speed over a long time period of time, Airtel has covered all its bases. Despite facing loses in the past months, Airtel has bounced back with cost effective and faster internet. The 3G/4G internet market is up for grabs after the free Jio welcome offer expires on March. Airtel has left no stones unturned to guarantee customer satisfaction with their 3G/4G data packs in order to attract a huge number of consumers and retain their customer base.

Andhra Pradesh Airtel 3G, 4G Data Recharge Plans

Price Talktime Validity Description
Rs.19 0 2 Days 80 Mb 3G/4G data - For all- 2G/3G/4G Users
Rs.25 0 3 Days 100 Mb 3G/4G data
Rs.29 0 3 Days Rs29= 75 MB applicable for 2G/3G/4G user
Rs.38 0 4 Days 150 Mb 3G/4G data - For all- 2G/3G/4G Users
Rs.45 0 5 Days 180 Mb 3G/4G data - For all- 2G/3G/4G Users
Rs.58 0 Unlimited 85 MB 3G/4G Data, Local/Std Mob 2p/s, LL 2.5p/s
Rs.67 0 Unlimited 100 MB 3G/4G Data, Local/Std Mob 2p/s, LL 2.5p/s
Rs.96 0 2 Days 2GB 3G/4G Data
Rs.97 0 5 Days 1GB 3G/4G Data
Rs.99 0 10 Days 400 Mb 3G/4G data
Rs.105 0 12 Days 425 Mb 3G/4G data
Rs.115 0 28 Days 285 Mb 3G/4G data
Rs.125 0 28 Days 1GB 3G/4G data
Rs.145 0 15 Days 575 Mb 3G/4G data - For all-
Rs.148 0 28 Days Enjoy Free Local +STD Airtel to Airtel mobile calls + 50MB 3G/4G data
Rs.157 0 5 Days 2GB 3G/4G Data
Rs.158 0 2 Days 3GB 3G/4G Data
Rs.165 0 28 Days 400 Mb 3G/4G data
Rs.179 0 14 Days 650 MB 3G/4G Data
Rs.186 0 28 Days 400mb 3G/4G data
Rs.196 0 14 Days 700 MB 3G/4G
Rs.228 0 14 Days 750 MB 3G/4G for 14days
Rs.238 0 14 Days 750 MB 3G/4G
Rs.245 0 21 Days DAY/NIGHT - 1GB 3G/4G data
Rs.247 0 28 Days 800 MB 3G/4G Data
Rs.255 100 25 Days 500MB 3G/4G
Rs.259 0 28 Days 1.5 GB 3G/4G Data
Rs.279 0 28 Days 1.6 GB 3G/4G Data
Rs.285 0 28 Days 1.5 GB 3G/4G + 1GB 4G
Rs.294 0 28 Days 1GB 3G/4G data and 400 Local+STD mobile minutes
Rs.295 0 28 Days 2 GB upto 10 GB 3G/4G Data
Rs.196 0 28 Days 2.5GB (1.5GB 3G/4G + 1GB Night 12-6AM)
Rs.197 0 28 Days 1.75 GB 3G/4G Data
Rs.348 0 28 Days 2.5 GB 3G/4G Data
Rs.496 0 28 Days DAY/NIGHT - Recharge of Rs. 496 and get 6GB 3G/4G data for 28 days. (1Gb FULL + 5Gb NGHT*). *Night(12-6am).
Rs.497 0 28 Days 3GB 3G/4G + 1 GB @Rs 121 for 6 months
Rs.498 0 28 Days Enjoy 10GB 4G/3G/2G data on India
Rs.499 0 28 Days Intant 3GB 3G/4G
Rs.546 0 28 Days 4.5GB (2.5GB 3G/4G + 2GB Night 12-6AM) 3G/4G Data
Rs.649 0 28 Days Unlimited local/STD (mobile + LL) calls, +2GB 3G/4G Data Recharge
Rs.749 0 28 Days Instant 5GB 3G/4G
Rs.755 0 28 Days 6.6 GB 3G/4G Data + Unlimited@80Kbps
Rs.849 0 28 Days Unlimited local/STD (mobile + LL) calls, +4GB 3G/4G Data
Rs.855 0 28 Days 7.5 GB 3G/4G Data
Rs.955 0 28 Days 8.5 GB 3G/4G Data + Unlimited@80Kbps
Rs.989 0 28 Days 10.5 GB 3G/4G Data
Rs.1097 0 28 Days UNLIMITED Local/STD calls & 2GB 4G/3G data
Rs.1099 0 28 Days 11.5 GB 3G/4G Data
Rs.1255 0 28 Days 13 GB 3G/4G Data
Rs.1289 0 28 Days 13.5 GB 3G/4G Data
Rs.1495 0 90 Days Instant 15GB 3G/4G
Rs.1499 0 12 MONTHS Benefit:Instant 10GB 3G/4G.Now for 1 year get 1GB 3G/4G
Rs.1555 0 28 Days 16 GB 3G/4G Data
Rs.1589 0 28 Days 16.5 GB 3G/4G Data
Rs.1989 0 28 Days 20.5 GB 3G/4G Data
Rs.1998 0 84 Days Unlimited local + STD mobile calls + 3 GB data 3G/4G data

With approximately 250 million users, Bharti Airtel is one of the leading telecom companies in India. Their 3G/4G prices have become affordable to every common man. In this era of digitization and social media, cheap internet packs have become the necessity of life. With India developing and transforming rapidly into a digital economy, fast and affordable internet packs have become the next form of bread and butter. Airtel’s marketing plans are hugely focused on its data packs, owing to the large number of consumers that are going to be looking for cheap data rates come April, after Jio ends the welcome offer. With tough competition in the telecom sector, this company is looking to win the race by bringing about flexible and affordable 3G/4G data packs. Being one of the top most companies in terms of customer base and goodwill, Airtel is now waiting for its consumers to understand the quality of their data service and support.

It is evident from the recent actions that Airtel does not want to be left behind in this era of digitization where the hunger for cheap and fast internet is on the rise. Times are changing rapidly, and with the market getting so competitive, Airtel stands to make a huge loss in terms of finance and reputation if it cannot bring about data packs which can compete against the likes of Reliance Jio and Vodafone. In spite of providing some of the cheapest rates, the upcoming times will prove to be a huge test for Airtel. It remains to be seen whether the marketing strategy and affordable 3G/4G rates will be able to win over the huge consumer base, or will Airtel face defeat against the other telecom companies.

Airtel is famous for its fast internet and cheap rates. The 2G, 3G and 4G rates vary from place to place. In Delhi NCR, 256 bucks can fetch you 1.5 GB of 3G/4G data, while 296 bucks can fetch 2 GB of the same for 28 days.

In Kolkata, data pack of 251 can fetch 1.5 GB of 3G/4g data for 28 days. In Mumbai, prices vary slightly as the same plan of 1.5 GB 3G/4G data pack valid for 28 days can be bought for 296 rupees.

In Chennai, 1 GB of 3G/4G, data valid for 28 days, can be purchased at 265 rupees. In Andhra Pradesh, a data pack of 1 GB 3G/4G data, valid for 28 days, is priced at 259 bucks.

In Karnataka, the same data pack of 1.5 GB, valid for 28 days, is available for 265 bucks. The 2G packs are priced at cheaper rates with 1 GB of data valid for 30 days available for a price of rupees 125 almost everywhere.

The recent times have proven to be quite a tough time for all the telecom companies. Regardless, Airtel has always bounced back. Their endeavor to capture the market again shows that they are not one to back down. These 3G/4G packs have an essence of thoughtfulness and preparation, with thorough market research. From the old to the young, from the rich to the poor, everyone can now enjoy high speed 3G/4G data on Airtel