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Paying Your Gas Bills The Old Style? Now Pay Online and Save Money!  - One of the most prominent issues that families in India have with their monthly expenses is that they have to pay at least Rs. 500/- for their gas bill. Despite the subsidies, people still find it challenging to manage their budgets around the gas bill. While you must be thinking that there is no way around that, thankfully that's not true anymore. You can avail the various online payment options to pay your monthly gas bill and also get discounts on their discount coupons. This will help you make the payments without having to visit the payment counters and also save money by availing discount on the final gas bill.

Online payments have already become common for other utilities such as phone billing, internet, and TV services. So why not pay your gas bill online in and avail discounts?

Let us take a look at some online gas bill payment resources where you can avail some beneficial gas bill payment offers.

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Gas Bill Payment Coupons Today

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Paytm Online Payments:

First, let us find out how to pay your gas bill through Paytm. After you have created an account on Paytm, enter your local gas service's name in the column nearby. It will list four major gas services in the country. After selecting them, proceed with your gas service's customer details and pay online, on the phone or your computer. It's effortless!

On the other hand, if you live in the Mumbai metropolitan area, Paytm Mahanagar gas bill payment coupons online, that will help you ease a lot of burden for the payment of your monthly gas bill.

If you are resident of Ahmedabad or any other tier 2 city in Gujarat, you can look for Paytm Adani gas bill payment offers.

Whatever be your state of residence and whichever be your gas service, we suggest you look for Paytm gas bill payment offers today.

Mobikwik Online Gas Payments:

Mobikwik is more oriented towards making payments on the mobile. It is a notch more convenient than Paytm since you can make the payment even if you are not at home or not have access to a computer.

If you are living in Gujarat, you should actively look for Mobikwik Gujarat gas bill payment offers. You will find gas bill coupons for a range of gas bill services offered in Gujarat.

One of the biggest advantages is that Mobikwik gas bill payments offer work just fine even in the most remote states such as Manipur and Nagaland.

Freecharge Gas Payments:

Freecharge gas bill payment offers to extend only to Mahanagar and GSPC online bill payments and is used by over 27 million people. Although it is limited to these services, its service flexibility and secure payment options make it easy for people to pay their gas bill promptly. It is due to their user-friendly gas bill payment offers that they are so popular.

For availing the gas bill payment offers on discount coupons, all you will have to do is to enter the coupon code while making the gas bill payment, and you can get at least ten percent discount on each payment normally.

Following is the list of all states and their chief gas supply services so that you know you are availing the right gas bill payment offers.

  • Andhra Pradesh (AP): APGDC, Godavari Gas Supply, Indane, HP Gas
  • Arunachal Pradesh (AR): Indane Gas
  • Assam (AS): Assam Gas
  • Bihar (BR): Indane, HP Gas
  • Chhattisgarh (CG): Indane, HP Gas
  • Goa (GA): Indane, HP Gas
  • Gujarat (GJ): Adani Gas, Indane, HP Gas
  • Haryana (HR)
  • Himachal Pradesh (HP): Indane, HP Gas
  • Jammu and Kashmir (JK): HP Gas, Indane, JK Gas
  • Jharkhand (JH): Indane, HP Gas
  • Karnataka (KA): Indane, HP Gas, GAIL
  • Kerala (KL): Indane, HP Gas, Super Gas, GAIL
  • Madhya Pradesh (MP): Indane, HP Gas, GAIL
  • Maharashtra (MH): Indane, HP Gas, Mahanagar Gas for Mumbai area.
  • Manipur (MN): Indane, HP Gas
  • Meghalaya (ML): Indane, HP Gas
  • Mizoram (MZ): HP Gas
  • Nagaland (NL): HP Gas
  • Odisha(OR): Indane, HP Gas
  • Punjab (PB): Adani Gas, HP Gas, Indane, GAIL
  • Rajasthan (RJ): Adani Gas, HP Gas, Indane, GAIL, BPCL
  • Sikkim (SK): Indane
  • Tamil Nadu (TN): Supergas, HP Gas, Indane
  • Telangana (TS): Indane, HP Gas, BGL Gas
  • Tripura (TR): Indane, HP Gas
  • Uttar Pradesh (UP): Indane, HP Gas, BPCL, Adani Gas
  • Uttarakhand (UK)
  • West Bengal (WB)